Make a Rails5 API that spits out JSON

This post is for me. Specifically to work with another app, which takes an api, and spits out a random question from another API.

create new rails app

rails new app_name --api


Create a table

rails g scaffold table_name attribute:type


We want a random question to be returned. In the Questions Controller, index method:

@questions = Question.order("RANDOM()").limit(1)


In order to allow the api to be accessed by a different app/url, add in application.rb:


 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' => '*',
 'Access-Control-Request-Method' => '*'


Because I’m deploying with Heroku, which uses PostgresSQL (Not sqlite) in Gemfile, remove

gem 'sqlite3'

and replace with

group :development, :test do
 gem 'sqlite3'
 gem 'rspec-rails', '3.0.1'

group :production do
 gem 'pg'
 gem 'rails_12factor'


Create new git repo on github, and follow directions on pushing

Deploy to Heroku

heroku create, push, rake db, seed, open, et voila!






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